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To: Logan City Council Mayors and Councillors (current and future candidates)

LoganCity Connect Free/ Gold Coin donation Shuttle Bus Services (aka Free City Loop)

Dear Mayor and current and future Councillors 2016,

To revitalize and connect large and diverse communities and business in Logan, we need to provide a free city loop bus services connecting major commercial activity centers, attractions, railway stations and bus stations.

If not free, (give a limited no. of rides free) via rate payer coupons and/or otherwise using public private partnership.

At least a 24 months trial shall give all the answers for its effectiveness, value for money and success/failure.

Lets be inspired by Gold Coast got approx 800$ million for their $100-200 million of Council investment in light rail. Look at the Brisbane not waiting for tunnels to be built solely by State/Fed but PPP and Council money.

Make some investment and open up opportunities by taking calculated risks for existing communities not only new development activities at EDQ areas.

Why is this important?

Its time for Logan to get modernized, connected and vibrant. Beenleigh Town Square is good project, we need broader connections.

Leadership is the art of understanding the needs of others and guiding them to achieve common goals. To do so, you need to communicate effectively and inspire people to work as a team.

How it will be delivered

Press conference/ Media showcase, via email or hand delivered for Council meeting consideration.

Reasons for signing

  • Its good idea.
  • Because I live in Logan


2016-01-10 16:08:13 +1100

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