To: Federal MP Fiona Scott and Peter Dutton, as well as Malcolm Turnball to reverse this decision

#LetThemStay, Allowing the 267 refugees to remain on Australian soil

#LetThemStay, Allowing the 267 refugees to remain on Australian soil


To Prime Minister Malcolm Turnball and Immigration Minister Peter Dutton
We ask that you allow the 267 innocent refugees, composed of babies, small children, men and women to remain within the Australia community for their own health. Numerous reports state their mental well-being would be majorly compromised, with 95% of children in the Darwin detention centre being susceptible to PTSD. Despite the High Court decision, sending these people leaves them no opportunity to live a better life. They will be at risk of greivous bodily harm, both physically and sexually.


Why is this important?

Children are most affected by offshore processing, experiencing trauma that often haunts them well after leaving. Reports dictate they openly discuss self-harm and suicide, with many attempting at very young ages. Nauru is no place to raise or even educate a child. Serious rape and sexual abuse allegations have been brought against guards and locals, none of which have been investigated. Women are afraid to travel to the toilet and allow their children to attend local schools, at which beatings frequently occur. It is imperative that they be transferred to Australia after a rapid processing of claims, so that the correct medical and social support can be administered.

Reasons for signing

  • Australian Story tonight about the detention of young married Iranian woman.
  • Selfish and cruel. If I didn't sign, that is who I would be.
  • Not in my name!


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