To: The Hon Peter Dutton MP. Minister for Immigration and Border Protection.



Stop the ban on mobile phones in Immigration Detention Centres

Why is this important?

Did Santa bring you a mobile phone for Xmas? Well, guess what? Scrooge AKA Minister Dutton, is taking them away from every refugee and asylum seeker locked up in our 9 onshore detention centres. And not just that. Secret Santa might have paid a poor asylum seeker a surprise visit over Xmas in the wee hours of the morning, not bearing gifts but to “remove” him/her without notice and with no means of communication with their loved ones. Up… up… and away in his great big sleigh. Never to be seen or heard of again. So much for the season of good-will to men, women and children.

The government says its reason for this is “an increasing number of individuals with extensive criminal histories,” (known as 501’s)* who are being placed in Immigration Detention Centres while awaiting deportation.

Asylum seekers should not be held with criminals. They haven’t committed a crime and it is they who will suffer most from Min. Dutton’s decree. Mobile phones are their life-line .

Please sign our petition so refugees and asylum seekers can stay connected to their families and loved ones in Australia and overseas.

How it will be delivered

BMRSG writes to Mr Dutton, with list of signatories urging him not to hold asylum seekers with criminals and to allow the continued use of mobile phones. We will insist any ban is cruel and inhumane. BMRSG urges you to also write or phone Mr Dutton’s office. The ban is currently being phased in and a complete ban is scheduled for 90 days after the announcement on Nov 21 2016. See http://

Reasons for signing

  • Act with values of compassion and kindness to those in need.
  • Stop Dutton tormenting refugees!
  • Each asylum seeker's dignity and sense of self worth has been challenged while trying to survive in these disgusting detention centres. Denying them contact with their loved ones is the last straw.


2017-08-18 12:42:20 +1000

A 17, SUCCESS !!! FEDERAL COURT WIN. ASYLUM SEEKERS AND REFUGEES IN DETENTION CENTRES GET TO KEEP THEIR MOBILE PHONES. thanks to all that signed and who lobbied politicians. see story here:

2017-02-19 17:00:13 +1100

Feb 19 4.30 pm. Federal Court has granted an injunction preventing Australian Border Force officials confiscating mobile phones of 80 asylum seekers in detention centres in Melb., Sydney and Western Australia.

2017-02-19 14:51:16 +1100

BMRSG has just received advice from Pamela Gurr, in Melbourne that there is a legal challenge to this ban. " The National Justice Project team are representing people in Detention centres in Melbourne , Sydney, Yongah Hill and Brisbane who are
threatened with confiscation of their mobile phones at midnight tonight.

Until now people who came by air have had the right to mobile phones as
long as they have no photo or recording facility. People who came by boat have no right to a mobile for reasons never explained.

Border Force changes to existing policy would see all phones confiscated
and anyone found with a phone , punished. An injunction last week on behalf of one man was successful but no undertaking to stay the confiscations of more than 80 others
so the matter is before the Federal Court at 11am today."

Pamela Curr

2017-02-09 11:11:38 +1100

Petition has been sent to Mr Dutton with more than 3500 signatures. However we will continue to run this petition and use it as part of our ongoing campaign. See here for letter to Mr Dutton

2017-01-09 15:50:57 +1100

*Many people detained under section 501 and currently in detention, have not served time for criminal activities. Those who have, have done their time . No one should loose their phones.

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