To: All Australians, as we are all bank customers

Let's Unite To Fight Back The Banks, While We Wait For A Royal Commission

Let's Unite To Fight Back The Banks, While We Wait For A Royal Commission

We are powerless as individuals fighting against the big organizations and the banks, but united we are strong and they cannot ignore us!

What is the main mission of a bank? Not making us happier as customers, but extracting the maximum profits they can on any and each one of us.

Please, SIGN UP this petition if you want to fight the big banks in Australia. We should demand a fair price for the services that the banks offer to us, as it is not acceptable that banks have record profits year after year, while most of us have to live from paycheck to paycheck.

Technology has advanced so fast that allows us to have a voice and power that was not at our reach before. Collective we are powerful, and using technology we can build a community of like minded people to live in a better world. Let's make this dream a reality and build together a virtual community to fight the banks.

Why is this important?

We should seed the changes for a better world and not wait in vain on politicians' promises.

The Big 4 Australian banks are on the list of the most profitable banks in the world. They are the biggest corporations in Australia together with the big mining companies, and politicians have done minimum to reduce their oligopoly power.

A Royal Commission after all the scandals over the past years is what we all want. However our politicians might not deliver on our aspirations to scrutinize the banks.

Therefore, let's take actions on our hands and build a better future for all Australians.

Reasons for signing

  • The banks take advantage of vunerable customers. This matter should also be a questions included in the plebiscite. See associated plebiscite campaigns
  • For a fair price for services of the banks.


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This is another example of excessive high charges from the banks, spending $14,000 to transfer money overseas:

But technology will bring the big banks to their knees. These 2 internet companies offer much cheaper money transfer than the banks:

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