To: Consumers of Milkmilk Processors

let's support our Dairy Farmers now!

let's support our Dairy Farmers now!

Dear Milk Consumer
Would you be willing to pay an extra 50 cents per litre of milk to help the Australian Dairy Farmers affected by the retrospective charge imposed by the Milk Processors Fontera and Murray Golbourn.

Why is this important?

The money raised would go directly to the affected Dairy Farmers who are now faced with;

1] Reducing their herd to pay the retrospective charge.
2] Taking on more debt.
3] Consider selling up as the price of milk paid by the Processors is not sustainable for a viable business.

While the price of some Supermarket Brand milk remains at $1 a litre our Dairy Farmers are working hard to produce safe milk for us with little return for them. Now they are paying it back!

Reasons for signing

  • i believe in keeping our Australian primary industries going. Support our Australian farmers, keep our farms out of foreign hands.They are the face of what makes Australia, Australia.
  • Dairy farmers deserve fair pay for good product! We shouldn't have to pay to import milk because big companies put profits over producers.


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