To: All news media

Let's remove sports from news

To all news media, please remove sports from all news. When reporting any specific sport, there are generally three type of people for any sporting event:
1) those who saw the sporting event and therefore don't need an update;
2) those who are interested in the sporting event and haven't seen it yet, so don't want to know the results; and
3) those who aren't interested enough in the sporting event to want to watch it and therefore are not interested in the results.

We accept that sports provides a means of making a great many people happy, a means of entertaining people and of attracting enthusiasm and comradery. Indeed, the sports channels and games are consistently very popular. However, there seems no reasonable justification that sporting results are newsworthy given the points made above.

Why is this important?

For many people the results of sports is unwanted yet unavoidable addition to news broadcasts. Sports should be respected by reserving it for those who want to watch it, and not impose sports on public news broadcasts.