To: PM Malcolm Turnbull

Let Asha Stay

Let Asha Stay

Let baby Asha stay in Australia where she can be properly looked after in a safe home environment like any child deserves. We ask that baby Asha, her Mother and Father be aloowed to remain in Australia while their claim for asylum be fairly and swiftly processed. #LetAshaStay

Why is this important?

Immigration detention harms children. There is overwhelming medical evidence to support this. We can and must protect baby Asha from further physical, emotional and psychological harm. As a person seeking asylum she is in the care of the Commonwealth of Australia. The PM has the power (and we believe the moral courage) to show compassion towards baby Asha and family, and let them stay.

Love Makes A Way have made a request to the PM's office to present him with the #LetAshaStay banner signed by over 1000+ concerned Australians who have been part of a rolling vigil since Friday 12 Feb in support of medical staff at the Lady Cilento Children Hospital in Brisbane refusing to discharge baby Asha until a safe home environment is assured. The overwhelming support for baby Asha has meant that we have run out of room on the banner! This online petition is a way to take the banner online and allow more people to show support for her.
Thank you for signing and sharing.

How it will be delivered

This petition will be printed out and hand delivered to the PM or a representative by a group that will include Love Makes A Way members. It will be presented along with the #LetAshaStay banner at a time and place advised by the PM.

Reasons for signing

  • It is not a crime to seek refuge or asylum. The Australian Government's refusal to accept N.Z. offer to take refugees is the equivalent of refoulement in my opinion. Refugees are not a threat to our nation, and contribute towards the local economy. It makes no sense to spend billions incarcerating innocent people in an offshore gulag. If this government does not do the right thing, its legacy will be one of infamy. No innocent person, & least of all children, deserves to be in detention
  • It's wrong.
  • In the name of Human Rights and The Rights of The Child. nparticular


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