To: The Prime Minister

Legislate against the Woolworths and Coles Duopoly.

Dear Prime Minister Gillard,
Please legislate against the Woolworths and Coles duopoly. There must be some way that you can limit their share of the retail dollar which is currently at 86%.We need a responsible government who is willing to stand up to these companies. This predatory style of retailing should not be allowed to occur, in America companies are limited to 22%.

Why is this important?

The Big 2 are able to dictate price to manufacturers or they don't purchase, in most cases this is unrealistic in that they expect a cost that doesn't cover the manufacturers costs. In addition to this Woolworths do not pay their suppliers for 90 days, this allows them an 800 billion dollar surplus. Unibic have collapsed , PZ Cussons are closing their Dandenong factory and Coke are shaky all siting the pressures from the Duopoly. They make suppliers bid for shelf space the highest bidder gets the best profile in their supermarkets.Farmers are told to produce at a certain price otherwise the Duopoly wont buy from them, look at what they have done to the Milk Industry. Notice how the price of petrol goes up and suddenly we are offered 8 cents off...these guys arent losing. Woolworths are building convenience stores in direct competition and vicinity of your local Independant retailer - where does it end??? Take a closer look at their prices people you will soon see they are not necessarily cheaper - just better marketers. They have significant holdings in Pubs,Poker Machines,Petrol,Bottle Shops, Hardware just to name a few.When will we stop this Hungry Beast??

Reasons for signing

  • Big-business should not be allowed bully and monopolize markets. Particularly when it is done in a way that deliberately undermines the small. Only governments can protect us from being the slaves to big-business in our own country.