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To: The Premier of Tasmania

Legislate a Ban on Fracking in Tasmania

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Frack Free Tas
Legislate a Ban on Fracking in Tasmania

Shut the door on fracking in Tasmania once and for all!

Why is this important?

The Government can revoke the moratorium on fracking at any time. Until Tasmania legislates a permanent ban, the welcome mat is out for a toxic and invasive industry that puts our land, water, air and health at risk. Without statutory certainty, Tassie farmers, tourist operators and other local business owners are forced to plan for the future under the shadow of a moratorium that can be overturned with a simple policy shift.

What’s at Risk?

Licenses to explore for petroleum products, including shale and tight gas, still cover almost all of the Midlands, and extend over part of Hobart’s water catchment area. Most of the area under license is productive farmland so allowing a toxic, land and water-intensive industry with a track record of environmental harm to frack for gas directly threatens the future of some of our best food producing regions.

How does fracking threaten our land, water, air and health?

• Fracking uses massive amounts of water which threatens our water security and our ability to grow food;

• Fracking risks permanently contaminating our groundwater and surface waterways which threatens the safety of our water supply;

• Fracking is not proven technology that’s been safely used for 60 years;

• Fracking waste can’t be stored or disposed of safely. Municipal treatment plants are equipped to remove biological contaminants, not toxic chemicals, heavy metals or radioactive materials; and re-injection into deep injection wells can cause earthquakes;

• Fracking degrades air quality. Airborne pollutants from flaring gas wells, compressor stations and intensive heavy vehicle traffic affect the health of workers and nearby residents;

• Fracking distorts property values. House prices and rents can temporarily skyrocket, forcing some locals to leave the area. Properties near gas fields can lose their value or become unsellable;

• Fracking brings high volume heavy vehicle traffic to rural and regional areas, causing increased traffic hazards, road damage and higher repair costs;

• Fracking will force farmers and other water users in Tasmania to compete for water allocations with the deep pockets of oil and gas companies;

• Fracking will undermine Tasmania’s attraction as a wild, clean, green holiday destination, and our access to markets that demand high quality, contaminant-free produce;

• Fracking disingenuously greenwashes itself as a ‘clean bridging fuel’ which impedes our transition to safe, renewable energy sources that don’t pollute our land, air or water, don’t threaten our health & don’t risk the stability of our climate.

Tasmanians deserve no less than a permanent ban on fracking legislated through an Act of Parliament.

Act now to keep our land and water safe.

How it will be delivered

The petition will be delivered to the Tasmanian Premier prior to the government’s review of the moratorium, due to expire in March 2020. The petition will be submitted early if there are indications the moratorium may be reviewed prior to that time.

Reasons for signing

  • Tasmania is a small island and the consequences of fracking could be irepairable
  • Fracking is a totally harmful practice that should never be allowed
  • Fracking is BAD NEWS - even the USA is beginning to realise this!


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