To: All Labour MPs

Labor : vote for marriage equality

Labor : vote for marriage equality

Labor : show some leadership and vote for marriage equality. It's the only way of ensuring equality becomes law. You have the opportunity to make history.

Blocking the plebiscite is a small step. Legislating equality is what we want!

Why is this important?

Over 70% of Austalians want marriage equality. Australia is falling further and further behind on human rights issues, it's embarrassing. Allowing all LGBTI+ people the same opportunity to declare their love is simple and powerful.

Labor and the independents have the numbers to make this historic change. It's time!

Reasons for signing

  • I want to live in a fair society. It is unacceptable to have laws that deliberately discriminate against one minority group of people for things that are accepted as normal for everyone else.
  • Equality matters!


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