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To: Prime Minister Tony Abbott, Leader of the Opposition Bill Shorten

Label palm oil already

Label palm oil already

Dear PM Abbott and Mr Shorten, In 2011 a Xenophon - Greens senate bill unanimously passed the Senate that would have required stores to accurately identify and label the palm oil in their products. Alas it was not to become law. After a complaint from Malaysia's minister for trade and palm oil interests, both the then Labor government and opposition MPs flip flopped and dropped previous support for the Xenophon bill in the House.
We call on both sides to reverse your course and come together to pass this important reform - a truth in labeling law for palm oil.

Why is this important?

Palm oil mono cultures are directly linked to widespread tropical deforestation, dispossession of indigenous peoples from their land, and their growth represents a clear and present danger to Asia's natural treasures - its last remaining forests. Often falsely labeled as "vegetable oil" palm oil is used in an estimated 40%+ of every day consumer foods and household products. Labeling palm oil allows consumers to more easily identify and avoid this harmful and unhealthy oil which is clogging arteries as well as causing the devastation to forests and biodiversity in tropical zones around the world, led by Asia.

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