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"Keeping Australian stories on TV is vital", keeping Conroy to his word is the battle.

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Miriam Katsambis
"Keeping Australian stories on TV is vital", keeping Conroy to his word is the battle.

We, the undersigned, wish to express our opposition to the Government’s initial response to the Convergence Review announced by the Minister for Broadband Communications and the Digital Economy, on November 30th, 2012.

Senator Stephen Conroy commissioned an independent review to check how effective our current media and communications laws are in a world of ever evolving technology. Recommendation 18 was the first to be considered, it insisted on a 50 per cent increase in levels of Australian drama, documentaries and children’s television. Recommendation 18 is the first to be ignored.

Senator Conroy says one thing:

“Free-to-air television plays an important part in our lives, and seeing Australian stories told on TV is vital in reflecting and maintaining our Australian identity, character and diversity…
To make sure that we keep being able to watch Australian content, we are taking a number of steps to enable commercial television broadcasters to continue to invest in and broadcast Australian content.”.

Senator Conroy then goes and does another:

Senator Conroy has slashed the fees channels 7, 9 and 10 pay the Government to broadcast “free-to-air” by 50% without cabinet approval, handing them savings of approximately $142 million per year, with absolutely no requirement for investment in Australian stories.

Australian “content” does not mean Australian stories. The proposed requirement for each multi-channel to broadcast minimum hours of Australian content per year, can and will be met by airing news, sport, reality programs and endless repeats of aged sitcoms.

Most alarmingly, the networks have been offered even “greater flexibility” for the existing Australian children’s, drama and documentary television sub-quotas. They will now be able to use their most watched and highest revenue raising main-stations for the sole purpose of showcasing top rating international TV programs, and still meet their minimum requirements by airing Australian stories in the multichannel ghetto. The networks will invest less money in Australian drama and documentary when they shift them to the likes of 7mate, Gem and Eleven.

If these changes are passed by Parliament and become law, they will lead to a severe downturn in the Australian TV drama industry at the cost of hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars to the Australian economy. Of greatest concern are the immeasurable cultural consequences as Australians grow up and grow old seeing less of their stories and hearing less of their voices on our screens.

Worldwide studies show that local television stories bring a wide range of historical events, contemporary issues, and ideas about the future to life. These programs allow local audiences to celebrate their experiences, share their stories, and identify with their fellow citizens in a way that imported drama programs cannot.

We are now calling on all Federal Members of Parliament to:

• Oppose Senator Conroy’s proposed reforms to the commercial television broadcasters licence conditions;

• Urge the Government for meaningful implementation of Recommendation 18 of its own independent Convergence Review; and

• Protect our access to quality Australian stories.

Why is this important?

Without sub-quotas for Australian content both history and overwhelming evidence from other English speaking countries shows us that there will be no local children’s television and very little local drama and documentary broadcast on our television screens.

The proposed changes are being rushed to Parliament for approval in March 2013. The time to act is now!

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Reasons for signing

  • It is important to keep alive Australian values,Australian stories and to support the many people employed in the Australian film and television industry. These include the ones we see actors and actresses but it extends to technicians,electricians,set builders,writers,make up and hairdressing,musicians,photographers,carpenters,agents,managers,producers,logistics and administrative personnel. We have produced some great talent and we need to support our industry and our Australian culture.
  • Raise the bar for Australian television and support our local industry.
  • The need to support home grown efforts is stronger than ever, we need Australia content to maintain our identity both locally and internationally