To: Premier Barry O'Farrell

Keep Olympic Park Green no V8s

Dear Premier
Please take the V8 racing cars event to the Eastern Creek where all types of car sports are specifically catered for. Stop ruining Olympic Park a place of family activities and cycling.
V8 racing is not a green or Olympic sport.

Why is this important?

Tourist, visitors, cyclists, runners, families and residents the two local buses and local traffic are all disrupted for three months before and over a month after the actual weekend. No other event disrupts the Park like this one.
Visitors and tourists see the Park at its worst- barriers and scaffolding everywhere.
Bus drivers are forced to run different routes each day disorienting people.
The long term damage it is doing to the Park and the heritage bushland and birds.
The damage to the Green environment and the green Image promoted world wide.

How it will be delivered

Through Facebook, email, local organisations, MPs
Deliver the petition and contact the press and a Press Release