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To: Forestry Corporation

Keep Nethercote falls open to public

Keep Nethercote falls open to public

Stop the closure of the access road to Nethecote falls in the South Coast area

Why is this important?

As this is a remote area for all teenagers and young families, there is little to offer in the way of activities, this important area is one of those 'Gems' where you can experience a perfect swimming hole and spend time out in the bush...very essential to all who access this area. The closure of the road is due to concerns for public safety and to restrict access to the public, is not fair.
More of the draconian responses to fun.
The following clip was filmed by a local boy and his friends, filmed at the area on a perfect day of sun:

Reasons for signing

  • The falls and swimming holes should be enjoyed and shared, not locked off by bureaucratic wankers based up at Wauchope.
  • This is an awesome place to visit. Wanted to go back this year while camping in Eden and cant believe it's been closed!
  • A great fun natural activity for all.


2015-10-09 08:00:02 +1100

With the summer well on it's way, i would ask that all who visit this site take care and act responsibly, nurture the environment that is entrusted to our care. xxx enjoy !

2015-09-23 17:47:46 +1000

1,000 signatures reached

2015-09-04 07:34:30 +1000


2015-09-01 07:05:38 +1000

Visit or #visitnswforests on Facebook for more visitor information. For more information about the road closure or works scheduled in Nullica State Forest visit the Forestry Corporation office at Crown Street Batemans Bay or call (02) 4475 1414.

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2015-08-31 07:25:15 +1000

Started a Facebook page with the same name.

2015-08-26 21:37:59 +1000

Visit ABC radio Bega and have a listen to their broadcast today and hear what Andrew Constance had to say in response to the public upset.

2015-08-26 08:04:06 +1000

New interview being arranged for 2EC PowerFM, more coverage, fantastic ! Thanks 2EC

2015-08-26 07:09:26 +1000 have a great descriptive article on the falls, have a read and they have a link to the campaign site , thanks Ozswimmingholes,

2015-08-25 17:17:54 +1000

I was interviewed by Ian Campbell on ABC radio this morning, and all went well, their Facebook page and telephones have received numerous comments. We hope for a reasonable solution to allow access, so all can continue to enjoy Nethercote Falls. An article in the Merimbula NewsWeekly will be in this weeks issue. Great local media coverage, I am very grateful for the support.

2015-08-25 09:37:07 +1000

500 signatures reached

2015-08-24 07:16:09 +1000

Read the notice from the Forestry Corporation here :

2015-08-20 20:12:51 +1000

100 signatures reached

2015-08-20 17:41:20 +1000

50 signatures reached

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