Keep Heritage listings on Tasmanian forests.

Our present Government would like UNESCO to revoke the Heritage listing on Tasmania's forests. Currently Australia's Government is in talks with the logging industry and they are looking at ways to revitalise the failed pulp mill. This all points to one conclusion for Tasmania's forests.
We as citizens urge UNESCO to keep this listing in place.
Let's fill UNESCO's inbox and show them we do not support the Abbott Governments desire to have the Heritage listing removed: "[email protected]"

Why is this important?

The world is running out of forests at an alarming rate. Forests are the lungs, the water filters of the world. Human technology simply cannot do all that the natural world does for us. They make the world a richer place simply by their existence. Tasmanian forests house some of our rarest animals. Australia is not a lucky country, we are just a new country, continue down our current path and soon we will not be so lucky.