To: Brad Hazzard, Minister for Planning and Infrastructure

Keep Denman Coal Mine Free

Keep Denman Coal Mine Free

Residents and Friends of Denman
Keep Denman and Yarrawa Coal Mine Free by: (1) not allowing the current coal exploration leases at Spur Hill (Malabar Coal) and Yarrawa / Ferndale to lead to the creation of two new coal mines; and (2) not permitting expansion at other already established coal mines in the Denman district.

Why is this important?

Residents of Denman and District do not have a say in coal mine developments near Denman. Many residents do not want any more coal mines near Denman or in the district. Concerned residents are asking the government to restrict coal mining to the present mines that have been approved and to not approve any new coal mine developments near Denman.
The Yarrawa Lease is the subject of ICAC investigations related to the way mining exploration leases were granted in a closed tender process.
Two coal exploration leases, Spur Hill and Yarrawa (Ferndale) are close to Denman. If these mines go ahead they will have a significant impact on the residents of our district. Our community, our water resources, our air quality are at risk. If developed into mines these mines will contribute to 24 hours a day noise, dust and light pollution for Denman residents.
Years of mining in Muswellbrook Shire has strained the housing and rental markets, degraded public infrastructure such as roads, and added significantly to air pollution in the Hunter Valley. There has been a decline in other industries as farming land is taken up by mines..
Additional mine developments will further strain infrastructure in the area. Public infrastructure has not improved after years of mining in Muswellbrook Shire, it has degraded. Denman does not want coal mines on its doorstep.

Reasons for signing

  • I am sick and tired of the destruction of prime productive land, and the complete arrogance towards others in the community by mining interests. We will never get this land back. Forever it will be destroyed for short term wealth of a few. Time to stand up and fight!
  • Pollution from the mining is affecting the residents, particularly children with asthma. The houses need vacuuming daily to get rid of the black dust on everything. The land will never be the same for hundreds of years.
  • When does David get a say - when we are all too sick and have no where to live because the foreign mining companies have taken everything our towns, our environment, our health. These new planning laws in NSW is just allowing an expansion of the mining companies powers. Again I ask when does David get a say???