To: Origin APLNG CEO and Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and Mayor Ray Brown

Save Chinchilla Priority Agricultural Land (PL272) from CSG

This campaign has ended.

Save Chinchilla Priority Agricultural Land (PL272) from CSG

Dear Sirs/Madam
Please leave this PL 272 which is all Priority Agricultural Land and much of it Grade A Good Quality Agricultural land alone. The most recent attack on this very same rare productive land from the soil in the gas absurdity, must be the warning bell to act immediately!
Please place your consideration for CSG companies on the back burner for the sake of demonstrating that this small highly productive corner of Chinchilla deserves to continue as it has for generations for the families that operate successful businesses to provide Australia with cotton, sorghum, wheat, chick pea, beef and pigs.
We have witnessed our neighbours with CSG be subjected to severe health effects, zero baseline testing, community destruction, land subsidence, leaking gas from multiple locations, leaking raw csg water, utter disregard for biosecurity, disregard for privacy and respect, lack of security. This is unacceptable for anyone, and we are not interested in this on our productive agricultural land.

Why is this important?

The 9 year old son (and grandson) of one of the farmers in PL272 said it perfectly "I want to do what you do Dad, but if the gas comes, I wont be able to, what will we do then".
In 2015 Origin APLNG intend to put 171 CSG wells, high point vents, low point drains, substations, gathering lines etc across stage one of their assault on PL272.
We have begged the Minister for Agriculture to support us, and he was not interested.
Consider the Property Rights of all of those who have farmed this country for generations and who should not be forced to accept the poisoning and degradation of this special country (their homes) through the forced access of CSG.
Consider this one special place in Chinchilla.
The priority use of this land should be now, and should remain, agriculture.
We will deliver the results of this petition personally to those it is addressed to.

Reasons for signing

  • This longtime Labor supporter is disillusioned by the current Qld government and their anti-farming, anti-environment attitudes.
  • Farming Land should be protected & used for farming not CSG
  • I have signed this petition because our Governments have got to stop destroying our communities and poisoning our environment for the sake of supporting big business!


2015-05-16 08:43:29 +1000

Wow, excellent, thanks everyone, this petition will be symbolically handed over today at our HOPELAND GASFIELD FREE DECLARATION DAY and then officially closed and getting delivered on 21 May at the Calling City and Country Rally in Brisbane!
One last push everyone, wonder if we can make it to 1000?

2015-01-20 07:50:41 +1100

Application for a stall at the Melon fest was declined.

2015-01-17 06:43:08 +1100

The link below will take you to more information about our group and the issues.

2015-01-17 06:41:29 +1100

Well done Everyone!!! we have busted 600 Signatures. Lets keep going, and hopefully we will get a stall at the Melon Fest in Chinchilla on14-16 Feb and we will get even more signatures and attention for this issue. Without Farming Land, No Melon, No Melon Fest....

2015-01-04 22:29:27 +1100

520 signatures. thank you for your signatures. This means... well, truthfully,,,,, this means that my kids keep getting to round up cattle, that they keep getting to see piglets and pups, that they hopefully get to know a hard couple days graft chipping weeds or cotton till they are 18 then we will see,,, that they get to fish in the creek out the back,, that they get to know what a melon hole is... that they get to make a hay bale, a cotton module,... stuff that kids in the city dont know about, ... but get the benefit of,,,,cos that is what makes our place special.... xxxx Thanks xx

2015-01-03 15:02:21 +1100

Whoo hoo, 500 signatures!! Thank you everyone!!!

2015-01-03 13:21:24 +1100

500 signatures reached

2015-01-01 17:37:36 +1100

Wow, thanks for the jump up in signatures!!! We are planning to hit the streets in Chinchilla with a hard copy.

2014-12-30 12:15:12 +1100

The comments that people are leaving on this petition are great, thanks for the thoughtful and heartfelt support and truth spoken.

2014-12-27 16:13:40 +1100
Please view this and consider the impact on our prime agricultural land.

2014-12-25 08:10:59 +1100

112 Signatures in just one day, thank you all for your contribution! Please continue to share this.

2014-12-24 17:30:29 +1100

100 signatures reached

2014-12-24 08:59:38 +1100

50 signatures reached

2014-12-24 01:03:48 +1100

25 signatures reached

2014-12-23 20:43:25 +1100

10 signatures reached