To: Reverend Fred Nile

Keep Boxing Day retail restrictions

Premier Baird plans to remove retail trade restrictions on Boxing Day. We want to preserve the current restrictions to allow retail workers 2 days off consecutively at Christmas.

Why is this important?

Retail workers work extremely long hours at Christmas, many families have both parents working in the retail sector. I work in the Supermarket industry for one of the 2 big supermarket chains. This means I generally work until 10pm Christmas Eve, with 2 young children Christmas Day starts early. I like, many have family spread out across the state, this means Christmas is often one of the few times our whole family can get together.

If I am rostered to work a Boxing Day I can begin work as early as 5 am

The Excecutives that have placed pressure on the NSW Premier will not be working on this day. The head office of the company I work for is only open 8am - 6 pm Monday to Friday, and never on public holidays.

The fact that some employees receive penalty rates, doesn't negate the tact that they have to work. Unfortunately many of us are on salary, this means we do not receive penalty rates, not ever. We need time off, 2 days and then we go into the busy New Year period.

I wish to begin this petition to allow all us retail workers the opportunity to spend some quality time with our families. People can plan ahead, to buy their goods to get through two days.