To: Prime Minister, Foreign Minister & Resources Minister

Keep Australian uranium out of "unsafe" nuclear industry!

Keep Australian uranium out of "unsafe" nuclear industry!

Australia simply cannot guarantee the safety of its uranium exported to India for all eternity, no matter what the purpose. Leave Australian uranium in the ground and instead help India develop renewables to solve its energy needs.

Why is this important?

Australian used to say exporting uranium to India is not acceptable as they refuse to be a nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) signatory. Now apparently it's OK as long as it's for "civilian purposes" subject to as yet undisclosed "safeguards". Even assuming such safeguards could keep Australian uranium out of nuclear weapons for all eternity, grave fears have emerged that India's nuclear industry isn't up to scratch. Japan's Fukushima disaster has recently demonstrated what can happen when lax regulation conspires with vested nuclear industry interests, let alone forces of nature.

Even as former Prime-Minister Julia Gillard visited India in 2012 to talk up a uranium export deal, India's own Auditor-General warned of a "dangerously unsafe, disorganised" nuclear industry with "ineffective" oversight:

Let our Federal Government know that Australians don't want to see their uranium partly responsible for future nuclear disasters which could potentially kill thousands and displace millions in the world's second most populous country. A responsible government would leave Australian uranium in the ground and instead help India develop renewables to solve its energy needs.

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Reasons for signing

  • Uranium needs to be mined, processed, shipped and transported and the waste must be safely stored (for MANY generations). There are toxic emissions into our environment in all stages of processing. Uranium is finite. Solar & wind power's fuel is infinite and it does not require mining, processing or transporting & no toxic legacy of waste. Why build more Fukushimas, a tragic & horrific environmental and social disaster? When there is simply NO NEED to do so. Insanity.
  • We should not be selling uranium at all and certainly not to a country that has not signed the proliferation agreement no matter how much Tony Abbott trusts them. This does not sit well with me and I fear what the future ramifications will be. Whatever happens will be our fault. Are you prepared to take that risk? Not me!
  • Just look at the Fukushima disaster and the former Prime Minister of Japan who now advocates 100% renewable energy for Japan - in 10 years Also Chernobyl