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To: NSW Premier, the Honourable Mike Baird

Justice for Julia

Justice for Julia

Julia Doulman is a transgender woman and is the subject of the highly acclaimed documentary film "Becoming Julia". Shortly after she transitioned she was wrongfully sacked from her job as a bus driver with NSW Government Buses. Julia holds copies of documents from NSW Government buses that give contradictory reasons for her termination. Another factor may be that Julia had also reported management for covering up a serious crash by a drunk bus driver. NSW Office of Transport Safety Investigation's report supported Julia's version of events after NSW Government Buses concurred with Julia's statement.

I am asking NSW Premier Mike Baird to direct NSW Government Buses to make an ex-gratia compensation to Julia for her lost income and for the psychological damage due to their wrongful and unfair termination of her employment as it promised her it would when still in opposition. Since taking office in 2011 the government has refused to honour this commitment to Julia.

Why is this important?

This is important because the Government has not adhered to its own EEO and anti-discrimination laws and policies and has denied and covered up criminal behaviour by bus drivers. It should be noted that Julia is the subject of the film "Becoming Julia" that documented her transition from male to female over a two-year period. The film has screened numerous times nationally, at film festivals in capital cities and in many other countries. Justice Michael Kirby has described Julia as a person of "honesty and integrity" and "like himself, a change agent". After the film screened Julia received letters of thanks and congratulations, some simply saying things like "thank you, you have saved my life". Others said "thank you, I now understand transgender people better".

This is also important as NSW Government Buses currently has a green light from the Baird Government to discriminate against transgender people and to protect drunk bus drivers from the law.

When in opposition Gladys Berejiklian, now Transport Minister, and former Premier Barry O'Farrell promised Julia that upon winning government they would direct NSW Government Buses to make restitution to her. Such was the strength of their support for Julia getting justice that Mr O'Farrell asked questions in Parliament, (see Hansard 15-11-2006) and referred it to the NSW ICAC and he and Ms Berejiklian wrote a dozen letters supporting Julia in her fight for justice. Julia needs justice to be done as she is homeless and needs once again to be able to live with dignity and pride.

Reasons for signing

  • I signed it because the State Government has abandoned Julia and as stated not adhered to its own EEO.
  • Being transgender is not a choice.Everybody needs to be more understanding and accepting.
  • Shouldn't our society and those who claim to protect and serve it take care of all of us especially those who are most vulnerable through no fault of their own


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