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To: Tim Whetstone MP Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development SA

Just when we thought our food was safe in SA

Just when we thought our food was safe in SA

Dear Minister, please re-consider the plan to remove the moratorium on growing GMO food crops in South Australia. We want to be able to eat food that is free from licensed patented GM crop-seed. Can you absolutely guarantee 100% that in the future our children will have a choice to be able to eat non GM food that is grown in SA and not "accidentally" contaminated by air borne GM pollen? Can you also absolutely say that our great reputation for food and wine will not be damaged by allowing GM grown food?

Why is this important?

When it comes to food safety concerns about GM crops we the people need to be consulted or at least all sides to the argument for yes or no need to be considered.

It appears the Marshall Government are not interested in consultation, we need to let them know we, the consumers have a major stake in this issue. They are listening to those who have an agenda promoting the case for GM crops, it's our turn to deliver our message. No, don't GMO food in our state.

Americans in their droves are now requesting organic food because they don't want GM sourced food, and their whole food system is now compromised.

The negative past experiences of other countries who allowed GM crops is freely available for everyone to see. Russia and some EU countries have since banned GM because the risks to human health are too great.

Separating GM crops from Non GM crops has proven a nonsensical idea and the hundreds of court cases re contamination confirm this. So what if SA misses out on research on GMO, we want to stay clean.

Reasons for signing

  • It's not just SA it's all over AUSTRALIA stop generic growning AUSTRALIA
  • We only got ONE WORLD!
  • Its all about the money, reducing cost of production and using herbicide over food crops so farmers can buy even more expensive headers. Certainly not about health or choice, or honest food labelling, and any number of environmental issues.


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