To: The Australian Federal Government and the opposition

Julian Assange

Demand a written guarantee from the Government of Sweden that they will not allow
the extradition of Julian Assange to the US.

After the case against Julian Assange has been resolved in Sweden, he must be allowed to return to Australia where he should be kept safe from the clutches of the US where, it is generally believed that there is a Grand Jury to be formed to prosecute Julian Assange

Why is this important?

A US citizen cannot be prosecuted in another country. Example: Military personnel, though they committed the crime of shooting down unarmed civilians, could not be prosecuted in Afghanistan and on return to the US, only one person was given an extremely short sentence. So, why should they have a right to prosecute citizens of other countries through their unjust justice system?

There should be complete press freedom, irrespective of the medium used, as long as it
can be proved to be true. What Julian Assange revealed was all true.