To: The Fairfax Board/'Management', MEAA,Fairfax Journalists and Australian public

Journalism trashed while Fairfax shareholders profit.

Journalism trashed while Fairfax shareholders profit.

Proposed solutions -

Step 1 SIGN THIS PETITION to demand that Fairfax cancel its plan to sack 125 journalists.

Step 2. Make a pledge to SUBSCRIBE to FAIRFAX PAPERS. The only legitimate, although flimsy excuse for this sacking maneuver is that these papers are losing revenue. And this IS something we can address. The Fairfax Board is not the only ones that need to change because -

Financing Journalism is changing. We have to realize that we have to pay for what we value because the advertising can’t cover as much revenue. Subscriptions must plug the gap. It’s that simple and what price for democracy? It is not much to pay compared to the loss of it. In other words, for what we get from our internationally enviable papers - is not just gold -but guardians of our green and gold future.

Step 3. But if the Fairfax Board does not cancel its plan to sack 125 journalists, PLEDGE to CAMPAIGN for every reader of Fairfax to go on strike until the shareholders sack those responsible for this butchery and politically dubious timing - The Fairfax Board can be accused of deliberately sabotaging it’s own readers at the most vulnerable time for all Australians – Budget time, Trump time, Adani time and the rest…!

Step 4. Set up a rival -

If we reach the above step and are unable to remove these partisan saboteurs, the journalists should join to produce a rival paper – For consider what the SMH reported just before the strike -

The Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance chief executive Paul Murphy reminded us that
"None of the other parts of the Fairfax business are worth anything without the journalism and yet it is the journalism that Fairfax always cuts," MEAA’ – 3rd May, 11.33 P.M.

And within those lines lies the solution to ‘Management’s’ betrayal. The ethos of a thousand views and spirit of free-voice journalism is not in its bricks and mortar or stocks. It is in its’ experienced, talented, dedicated, skilled people. In the digital age, such a rival could be produced without a central building and crush the empty shell of Fairfax within months. What it would require is smart, co-ordinated action, crowd funding, (Raise 1 million dollars to begin), and where the shareholders of this media company would be the staff.

In the long-term, we lobby for our federal government to address the decline of the press successfully. As Eric Beecher, publisher of Crikey stated on The Project, that France’s government embraced this change by funding journalistic freedom at 0.5 Billion dollars a year. Also that Canada is about to follow suit.

That’s how this could be fought, which would produce an even greater media than Fairfax once was - and STILL was until this week at the tipping, breaking point. Democracy was never made without endurance and pain, and it can’t be protected under fundamental threat with out passionate sacrifice either.

No-one should want Step 4 to be necessary but if the Board doesn’t reverse its’ decision immediately it is great to know that it could lead to this – existential threat to the saboteurs, Fairfax crashed, the Board sacked and a new media rise better than before, from its ashes.

Why is this important?

-No Fairfax – no fair go in Australia anymore!

There are catastrophic effects to Australian democracy about to take place as a result of the grotesquely timed sacking of 125 journalists from Fairfax.


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