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The National Union of Retired Workers Regional Qld are petitioning the Federal Government to address the following issues

1. That the Federal Government increases the pension rate from 27.7% of average male weekly earnings to
35% of average male weekly earnings.
2. That proper and improved culturally appropriate healthcare measures for pensioners are prioritised,
Including medical, dental, optical, hearing and pharmaceutical services. The Pharmaceutical Benefits for
Pensioners also needs to be increased.
3. That the level of funding for aged care services, including culturally appropriate services, is significantly
increased and extended to meet the growing demand in this area.
4. That our pensions are not restricted due to overseas travel to visit loved ones.
5. That a thorough review of the means test and GST impact for pensioners and concessions should be
undertaken to ensure that pensioners are not losing out.
6. That strong national regulation and/or legislation be implemented to protect older people using or
considering reverse mortgages
7. That all pensions and welfare payments be paid quarterly, as opposed to the present situation which is twice a year.

Why is this important?

Dear Friends
We are asking you and you to join the nation-wide petition calling on the Federal Government to implement the seven proposals in the petition that would help lift to a decent standard of living the two million people who have , for far too long, been forced to live below the poverty line.
The petition is calling on the Federal Government to enact the seven proposals spelt out in the petition.
The proposals are the result of the work of the FAIR GO FOR PENSIONERS ALLIANCE which include over 100 organisations – all with a long history of compassion, dedication and knowledge in trying to alleviate the result of successive government’s failures in meeting basic needs of housing, health care (including dental care) and education.
Australia is now regarded as the most stable and economically viable nation with forward projects valued at trillions of dollars, with a huge shortfall in labour to meet future workforce needs.
Yet pensioners, the unemployed, and low-paid workers standards of living are falling with continuing increases in food costs, rent and energy costs, plus deterioration in public housing availability, health care, public hospitals and education.
There are elections to be held in 2013. This is the time when all politicians are more attentive to the peoples’ needs. This national petition shows the way forward, loud and clear, and is affordable for the world’s most flourishing economy.
What is necessary for success is for people to collect and deliver a deluge of signatures to parliament house to make sure our parliamentarians realise the necessity of sharing the wealth of Australia with all Australians , especially the two million people presently trying to live on inadequate pensions. With the help of people like you and your organisation we can achieve this goal.
Thank you inanticipation

James Lawler
Regional Secretary, NURW

How it will be delivered

The Petition will be part of a National Petition that will be presented to the Federal Government in February 2013 and will be delivered in person to thje Government.