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To: NSW Environment Protection Authority

Investigate and bring to justice the killers of the wombat massacre in Glenbog State Forest

Investigate and bring to justice the killers of the wombat massacre in Glenbog State Forest

Marie and Ray Wynan, members of the Wombat Protection Society, have been reporting a logging operation in the Glenbog State Forest in southern New South Wales which caused up to 150 bare-nosed wombats to be buried alive by purposefully destroying and covering their burrows.

The Wynans met with the Forestry on site on 11 Aug 2014, and one of their first comments was, “You do realise that they are not a threatened species?”

Please visit their blog (including links to news coverage by the Sydney Morning Herald, ABC, News Corp.) and read about this horrendous and brutal act of animal cruelty:

We, the undersigned petitioners, request the NSW Environment Protection Authority to investigate this barbaric act under the PREVENTION OF CRUELTY TO ANIMALS ACT (NSW) 1979, and bring to justice the alleged purposeful killing of wombats and other animals in Glenbog State Forest, NSW.

Why is this important?

Wombats may not be an endangered species of animal yet, but they, too, are an Australian icon, unique, and loved and treasured by all Australians. The purposeful killing and murder of wombats on this scale is outrageous and cold-hearted. Imagining wombat families panicking, then slowly suffocating and dying in their burrows which loggers turned into their own graves is brutal and horrendous. Considering this was done because of laziness and the pursuit of financial profit, is heart breaking and reckless. We cannot let this go without an investigation, and without the alleged perpetrators being brought to justice.

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Reasons for signing

  • The low life mongrels who did this need to be placed before a judge and put away. Sack these mongrels they are not police. They are animal killers....bastards.
  • Thankyou for pursuing these maggots!
  • I'm signing because protected wombats continue to be shot dead in NSW.


2015-04-17 14:01:51 +1000

No new response from EPA Forestry yet, but we have been contacted by the Forestry Manager of South East Fibre Exports, owner of the Eden Woodchip Mill, demanding "evidence" of the deaths of wombats by 5pm, 20 April 2015. If a parliamentary inquiry is not evidence enough that these allegations are serious and substantiated (e.g., p. 15 onwards of this parliamentary transcript, then I don't know what is. Feel free to google his name, his fingerprints are all over the web, e.g.

A petition on ( about the same matter had reached over 90,000 signatures and has now been taken down. We will not cave in to such tactics. Please continue to spread the word about this petition and get your friends to sign it, too.

Please visit Marie and Ray Wynan's blog for updates:

2015-01-19 17:59:31 +1100

Response received on 19 Jan 2015, at 10:04 am, EPA Forestry wrote:

Dear Prof. Marcus Foth

The EPA commenced an investigation into this matter in July 2014. Our investigation included a number of site inspections and correspondence with FCNSW and stakeholders. We are currently finalising our findings and will shortly provide Forestry Corporation of NSW and Marie and Ray Wynan with a response. We will also provide you with a response to this matter. Our response to you will also include details of the scope of our investigation and the regulatory framework that we work under.

Best regards

Greg A

Gregory Abood | Manager Central & South Forestry Operations Unit | NSW Environment Protection Authority | PO Box A290 Sydney South NSW 1232 | (: (02) 9995 6707 |Mobile (: 0419 430 065 | 7: (02) 9995 6792|8:[email protected]

2014-10-17 09:52:28 +1100

We received the following response from Forestry Corporation of NSW: (PDF file)

2014-09-14 16:13:38 +1000

Please support Donna's Pozible Project to keep the Sleepy Burrows Wombat Sanctuary going:

Do check out this awesome video, too:

2014-09-11 12:59:38 +1000

Bronte of posted this video about the incident on YouTube:

2014-08-28 21:15:04 +1000

Happy Birthday Patrick The Wombat who turned 29, and supports our petition!

2014-08-24 12:15:44 +1000

Harriett kindly shared her website and a complementary petition hosted by


2014-08-21 22:30:07 +1000

David Shoebridge has questioned Katrina Hodgkinsin, Minister for Primary Industries, in the NSW Parliament. Transcript available from the campaign blog at

2014-08-20 09:53:31 +1000

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