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To: Marty Hunt MP - Member for Nicklin and Labor

Invest in Community, not a $9 million dollar police station ✊

Invest in Community, not a $9 million dollar police station ✊

Reinvest the $9 million dollars allocated for a new police station in Nambour into community and youth driven Justice Reinvestment opportunities.
Rethink 'tough bail laws' and deficit discourse such as referring to our youngest members of community as 'youth offenders' which is used to relinquish government responsibility to address structural barriers impacting on our youth such as homelessness, failing youth services, youth justice, child safety and criminal justice practices.

Why is this important?

It is important that we as a community support our youth to feel respected and valued by investing in youth and community driven Justice Reinvestment opportunities such as access to youth accommodation for our young people sleeping rough, support for young peoole struggling with drug, alcohol, gambling and gaming addictions, exploitation and sexual abuse, support for young people identifying within the LGBTIQA community and basic human rights such as access to resources, healthy affordable food, safe affordable accommodation, equitable access to education and employment without discrimination.

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  • We need to be the voice for change


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