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To: MPs Judges, Prime Minister,The commissioner of police

Intervention Orders Dont Work

Dear Minister,

I want you to stop Intervention Orders Laws as they dont work and replace it with the "One Punch Law" which has an immediate affect and the perpetrator is charged for criminal assault and the minimum sentence is 10 years.

Why is this important?

The facts speak for themselves for example take the RosyBattey tragedy she had attempted to access many community sources for urgent help including the Police, the Mental Health Organisation and Child Protection and nothing was done for this family which resulted in her 10 year old son being killed in a public place by his mentally ill father who was shot by the police and later died at the scene. From my lived experience of domestic violence the system continues to fail the lives of vulnerable women and children. Intervention Orders Law do not save lives. Until the laws are changed the potential for more women and innocent children will continue to live with fear, trauma, anxiety and continued violence.

Reasons for signing

  • Noone is taking care of abused women and children... noone!
  • Cause it's a great cause
  • been there


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