To: US government and senators

International condemnation of US lack of gun laws to protect its citizens

The United States government and senators need to stop living in fear of the National Rifle Association and start leading their country in a fight for common sense. The US senators need to start using their position to lead and educate their population and pass laws to protect their citizens from the harm caused by allowing the easy supply of military style weapons to the general community.

Why is this important?

Gun control is simply that: controlling who is eligible for the responsibility of owning a weapon and controlling what weapons are considered appropriate for ordinary citizens. The right to bear arms is not a universal human right and it is not an unlimited right within the US. if it was where would it end? Would rocket launchers be allowed as a "right to bear arms?" Is it a right for US citizens to bear nuclear weaponry? We are all citizens of the world, and the United States has an obligation to their children and their families to show strength and leadership on the universal human right to live and grow up in a safe environment free from terror and persecution, and until such gun control laws are passed, the US is failing its obligation to provide such a safe environment.


Reasons for signing

  • Accidents and abuse of guns is all too common . Made possible by out of date laws passed in different circumstances than exist today.
  • Any move to reduce unnecessary death is a good move. The "freedom to bear arms" was appropriate for another time, another place, before mankind invented armory with the modern horrendous capacity to slaughter in huge numbers! That so-called "freedom" is as out of place today as the Taliban's idea of the worh of a woman!