To: Federal Government.

Implement the WHO CODE for Marketing Artificial Milk.

Implement the WHO CODE for Marketing Artificial Milk.

Protect families from the marketing practices of Big business selling artificial baby milk by Implementing the WHO Code for marketing artificial milk as recommended in the Parliamentary Inquiry into breastfeeding.

Why is this important?

Since the Abbott Government came to power and dismissed the APMAIF Panel the marketing of artificial milk has increased. Health professionals are increasingly being targeted in magazines and on health professional websites.
As breast milk, like the unpaid work of women is not recognized in Gross National Product figures it is not valued and the Government does not protect, promote or support it. Breastfeeding is a public primary preventative health measure. The Federal Government should be leading the charge to promote the fundamental human rights of children to optimum nutrition and live up to Australian Governments commitment as a signatory to The WHO Code for marketing artificial milk.
Breastfeeding is gender specific. Fairness in promoting this issue by a predominantly male government would be good.

Reasons for signing

  • breastmilk saves the lives of neonatal nursery babies, this has been proven time and again. The politics behind formula companies and their relationship with government coffers needs to be monitored much more closely than it currently is
  • Formula companies spend millions on marketing. The government needs to do much more to ensure that the right information is been provided to the public.
  • This is not just about the current government's lack of action on our obligations as a signatory on the WHO Code. Since 1992 Australia has failed in its responsibility to protect and promote breastfeeding. The fact that manufacturers can easily get around the advertising limitations by paying retailers (supermarkets, pharmacies, etc) to advertise for them shows how poor the MAIF agreement is.


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