To: the University of Sydney Union

How about I make my own 'life choices' (STOP the anti-abortion society at USYD)

How about I make my own 'life choices' (STOP the anti-abortion society at USYD)

We demand the USU overturn their decision to approve the anti-choice club 'LifeChoices'

Why is this important?

On Friday the 1st of June the USU board approved the formation of an anti-abortion society. This is an affront to all students on campus as it seeks to actively promote the disempowerment of women. The USU is supposed to promote positive campus culture not single-issue lobby groups. This isn't about freedom of speech or equal opportunity. Clubs with anti-choice views already exist on campus - in fact there are several of them. This is about funding and giving legitimacy to a group whose sole target is women. This ‘LifeChoice’ Society is an attack on women’s rights and by allowing its formation the Union is failing its students and undermining the inclusiveness it seeks to promote.

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  • AS IF. Get real USU - it is the decision of the one affected, not a group of people who aren't attached to the situation vomiting their opinions all over others. Apply you're standards to your on life and leave everyone else alone!
  • LifeChoices is a discriminatory group and hateful and misunderstanding people who are part of it should be ashamed and have their funding stripped, along with their place at such a prestigious institution.