To: The Hon Lawrence Springborg, QLD Minister for Health

Help the Monk Family of Tara, QLD find out what's poisoning them.

Help the Monk Family of Tara, QLD find out what's poisoning them.

Please provide publicly a comprehensive list of the dangerous chemicals and gasses the Monk Family and the residents of Tara residential estates, Queensland, have been exposed to since the beginning of coal seam gas mining in their community. As Health Minister it falls on you to safeguard the health of people living in mining communities.

Why is this important?

The Queensland Government to date has failed to provide details of the adverse health affects on humans from coal seam gas mining. Now children are getting sick. And they need to know what's poisoning them before they can get help. We're petitioning the Hon Lawrence Springborg, Qld Minister for Health, to provide a detailed list of the chemicals and gasses that are present or created by coal seam gas mining. Please help us get some answers for this beautiful family.

How it will be delivered

We will deliver the signatures to the Hon Lawrence Springborg in person.

Reasons for signing

  • We suspect we got sick from watermelon from Chinchilla Qld that was watered by the toxic liquid out of the gas wells.I tried to have some watermelon tested. Went from Vic. Health to Qld Health and ended up being told to ask the gas companies - with lots of places in between that were not interested either. Do NOT EAT watermelon.It is watered with water from the gas wells! Maureen V
  • I live in kenya