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To: Telstra & NBN

Telstra help the Elderly get connected on the NBN

Telstra help the Elderly get connected on the NBN

Please Telstra send a technician to my elderly mother's address to get her NBN phone connection working for her birthday (16 June 2017) so she can get phone calls from her overseas friends and family. Her present tel number, which she has had for over 40 years, is saying it is disconnected!

For over 2 months I have been acting on behalf of my mother, who lives in a retirement village in the Latrobe Valley, to get a home telephone line connected. Telstra refuses to send a technician to sort out the problem, which they blame on the NBN, and the NBN blame on Telstra.

I have spent hours on the phone to waiting for responses from Telstra's numerous Indian staff, with no result. No one (Telstra Shops included) from Telstra in Australia will help me.
The OS staff
1) keep on passing you onto others, with no one resolving the issue
2) continually request your ID, contact details and an explanation of the problem, but do not get any further
3) don't give me a direct number to call when I am (often) disconnected after being passed on to the next person or kept waiting.

Also, the NBN will only deal with Telstra, and not with the customer!

I have had umpteen Telstra order nos to deal with this issue! 1-1126818443602, SR 1-1131769567014,1-1164342575145,

Why is this important?

1. My mother, who is frail, has an emergency medical alarm attached to her phone, which cannot be used in the absence of a land line. I faxed (via PO) in a certified emergency request over a month ago!
2. It appears the Telstra overseas staff cannot deal with emergency connections or local connection problems, and are unwilling to refer problems back to Australia to be rectified.
3. I suspect that this is a systemic problem for anyone who has to get an urgent phone line under the NBN, and unfortunately use Telstra.
4. One cannot get a Telstra person in Australia to help sort out connection problems, and I am unable to deal with the NBN directly.

Reasons for signing

  • The elderly and the needy require a landline.
  • A compelling case on humanitarian grounds for action.
  • This is an urgent issue that Telstra should have resolved 2 months ago


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