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Help protect the Mental Health of Australia's youth

Help protect the Mental Health of Australia's youth

Australia is a nation founded on the principals of 'A Fair Go', the right of every individual to live and prosper, grow and develop, and realise a happy, fulfilled life. However when I look around my local community, a peaceful, coastal suburb of Southern Perth, and see that more than 5 young well known and loved people amongst my peer groups have taken their own lives in the past month I can't help but feel as though we as a nation have essentially failed our youth. We have failed to adequately address their mental health needs, We have failed to protect them from harm, We have failed to capture these young people before they took their own lives. We have Failed.

The stigmatisation around mental health needs to be addressed, and what is a very real, very confronting issue, needs to be addressed with transparency, honest and facts. The reality is that mental illness wears a person down to a husk of what they once were, an empty shell devoid of feeling, numb to the world around them; life becomes a laborious act of keeping up appearances as the chaos in your head slowly drives you insane.

It it my belief that the Australian Government should dramatically increase funding towards discussion around mental health issues and increase access to confidential mental health services within and outside schools, specifically designed towards addressing the needs of young people. I also believe it necessary for the Australian government to work on better handling mentally ill individuals within the school setting, as the my experience with the system goes to show that as a mentally ill person it is extremely hard to perform and do well under the immense pressure of mental illness.

Why is this important?

The future of our nation lies in the hands of todays youth, if we do not adequately address their mental health needs how can they be expected to develop into successful, functioning adults.

Reasons for signing

  • I have my own mental health issues and had to drop out of school because of it. I had no where near the amount of help or understanding I needed within school. I don't want more people to end up like me


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