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To: MPs

Helium Balloons Littering our Planet

Dear Minister I would like to see the government show initiative and make it illegal to use helium balloons for anything other than science. The majority of balloons sold are let go into our skies and it is littering with serious consequences for our marine and wildlife.

Why is this important?

On a couple of occasions I have walked on remote beaches and come across a deflated helium balloon with string attached to it . Literally millions of balloons get sent into the skies as gestures of different types each year. This means there must be millions and millions of deflated balloons with string attached to them littering the ocean floors and countrysides throughout Australia and the rest of the planet. They are a hazard to our wildlife as they can get tangled in the string or swallow the balloons and they are also a shameful example of human pollution of our planet. It is also a fact that helium supplies are finite and we should not be filling balloons with it and sending it into the atmosphere to be wasted when supplies are getting low.


2013-07-18 14:42:16 +1000

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