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To: Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Attorney General George Brandis

hands up for democracy

hands up for democracy

Dear Prime Minister,
We, the People, want democracy for all, not just the multinational companies that you support. The scientists are screaming for renewable energy and an end to dirty fossil fuels, and over 5,000,000 Aussie Voters want to save our Great Barrier Reef from further damage, but the Parliament does not hear us. Further to this, politicians accept a pay rise of $17,000 whilst at the same time reducing the wages of the low income workers by eliminating penalty rates. We have Vietnam Vets on the streets, homeless, and the situation is ignored. We have a humungus refugee crisis, and no-one is listening. We live under threat of terrorism from extremist Islamic followers, but no-one is taking decisive action, and we do not want Sharia Law in Australia. Clearly our political system as it stands, is not working.
Our Constitution allows for our government to initiate a referendum, but our government is failing us. We want changes to the Constitution to allow Aussie Voters the right to initiate Referendums of their own. Switzerland has direct referendums by their Voters, and that country is very stable. We propose changes to our Constitution, and Laws, that will grant We, the People, a greater say in our governance.

Why is this important?

From a very early age I have been interested in justice, democracy, helping others and fair play for all. As a child I saw inequalities when some poor child was abused or bullied, and I think this was my grounding for my empathy for my fellow man and the politics that would deliver a humane answer to issues. As a young adult I joined a political party in the hope of making a difference, but as a married woman became disillusioned with policies that affected the family income. Now I am also discovering that policies damage our environment as well as harm our workers. I discover that the rich have the ears of the politicians and feel no concern when they rape our country, harm our environment and damage our precious icon The Great Barrier reef.
Terrorism and the refugee issues are not adequately addressed. Our returned soldiers are left on the streets. Workers are losing their standards of living, their wages are being reduced while the cost of living is increasing.
It is time. It is time for the Aussie Voter to stand up and be counted. It is time for the Aussie Voter to claim his Right and his Heritage. The People are Sovereign. We need to re-assert our rights to govern. We need to do this before the multinationals gain too much power through our politicians.
We no longer have Democracy when the politicians listen to the few over the majority. The few are the multinationals who are not Australians and do not have a company in Australia. They are foreigners and yet they have the ear or our politicians. Why?
Our desire is to bring Democracy back into politics and the Parliament; to have a government that will be concerned with, and connect with, the interests of the voters.
We envisage a Parliament with greater diversity, not aligned to a single ideology, and more Democratic in their pursuit and application of governance. Scientists and environmentalists as well as the Voters are screaming bout climate change and the damage to the Great Barrier Reef, but our politicians are not hearing us.
We aim for a more Direct form of Democracy that will give all people access to governance and the opportunity to be heard, in a just, fair and democratic way; to restore the rights of the Voter, to bring Democracy to all, and to have our wonderful Nation governed according to the will of the Aussie Voter who lives, breathes and works in our beautiful country. Switzerland has managed to do this for over 130 years and has a very stable economy - there is no reason why we cannot do the same. Switzerland has four referendums per year, I propose that we have two. At each referendum we can introduce laws that can be voted on by our people, and the majority will pass or reject each proposal. This is a much fairer method of voting and a better form of Democracy.
Enough signatures on this petition will make this a plebiscite referendum, something our Parliament cannot ignore. Will you join us for a better future for all Aussies now, and for our future generations, our children and grandchildren and their grandchildren. This is our gift to all the future generations of Australian Citizens.

Reasons for signing

  • Because it is not democracy when all you get to do is vote for a person you had no say in nominating.
  • A more accurate representation of the will of the nonruling class.


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