To: The Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Mr. Darren Chester, The Treasurer of Australia, Mr. Scott Morrison, and the respective Treasurers and Ministers for Infrastructure for each State & Territory of Australia.

Government Projects should use Australian Products

Government Projects should use Australian Products

Dear Ministers:

The Government of the Commonwealth of Australia, often in conjunction with respective State Governments, is responsible for many large public infrastructure projects. These projects include roads, rail, hospitals and sporting arenas.

Time and time again, we hear of Australian companies and manufacturers being snubbed in preference for foreign made products. We, the public, are encouraged to buy Australian - after all, we make some of the best products in the world, and by buying local, we support the local economy and local jobs. So why doesn't the Government lead by example, and do the same?

Two recent examples are the use of Chinese steel in SA's new Royal Adelaide Hospital, and Spanish railway steel for the Sydney Metro Northwest project in NSW. This comes at a time when local steel maker Arrium in Whyalla and it's 1600 workers face an uncertain future.

This has to stop. The time has come for legislation to be passed that gives local businesses and manufacturers absolute preference when tendering for local projects.
Government funded projects are essentially taxpayer funded projects - and we, the taxpayers, have signed this petition to say enough is enough, and we demand that support for Australian owned businesses and manufacturers is enforced in all projects at all levels of Government - federal, state and local.

Why is this important?

At a time when the nation is suffering from job losses and the destruction of our manufacturing industry, we still have the opportunity to look around and ask why this is happening.

It should make sense to anyone that supporting local businesses keeps money in the local economy, which supports jobs and boosts consumer confidence. Money lost to overseas businesses doesn't flow back in to the community.

The Government needs to lead by example by supporting Australian owned businesses and Australian made products in all of its projects.