To: Premier Colin Barnett

Give bikes 1-metre of room when passing

Give bikes 1-metre of room when passing

Dear Premier, Cyclists face huge challenges on a daily basis in terms of safety when using roads here in Western Australia. We are often squeezed at pinch points, commonly share roads with road-trains, with no hard shoulder to speak of, are regularly passed with only inches to spare, intimidated by aggressive driver behaviour and experience a culture where the car is perceived to be king and cyclists are often given scant regard on public roads, despite our having a legitimate right to be there. Other states have introduced a 1-metre rule with positive outcomes starting to show in terms of driver behaviour, and it's time the same applied in Western Australia.

Why is this important?

Cycling is a healthy activity and benefits include greater physical fitness, lower BMI, reduced incidence of diabetes, heart disease and obesity. Cycling is also good for mental health and is a social, friendly activity. However, here in WA, there is a clash of cultures, a war over territory: drivers often feel we have no legitimate right to use public roads, and pass us without due regard for our safety. In order to increase the number of cyclists on West Australian roads, they have to be safer. A 1-metre rule in 60 kmph zones (1.5 metres if >60 kmph) would be an excellent start in showing commitment to cycling in WA, and to making it a safer activity for all age groups. Nb. See the following bill put to the West Australian parliament by the Honorable Lynn MacClaren: With appropriate legislation, education, and the right infrastructure, we can all share the road and enjoy a healthier, safer Australia.

How it will be delivered

By email.

Reasons for signing

  • This would be a positive step in the long road ahead to improving cycling safety in WA.
  • It makes sense. We should all over take only when safe and 1 metre is a safe distance.
  • Been hit by a car 2 times while training, both when I was following road rules and the car driver was now. 9/10 accidents are driver's fault and not everyone is lucky in accidents.


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