To: Village Cinemas, CEO Kirk Edwards

Get Village Cinemas to return price of Classic Combo back to $20 from $25!!

Get Village Cinemas to return price of Classic Combo back to $20 from $25!!

Village Cinemas recently have outrageously increased their classic combo price to $25 from $20. And the price of additional items from $3 to $4.
That is 25%! This petition is to request Village to return the prices to normal ie $20 for a classic combo! As its already not affordable to go to the movies.

Why is this important?

Dear Village Movies CEO Mr Edwards,

People who legitimately go to movies instead of download them or watch a DVD are penalised for supporting the movie industry instead of being rewarded.
An increase of over 25% is outrageous. Already Australians pay a relatively high fee to see films on the big screen. A global analysis of the price of cinema tickets relative to GDP has found most Australian cities hovering around the mid-50s (Melbourne, 52; Adelaide, 53; Perth, 54; Sydney, 55).

If Village movies don’t want lower attendance at cinemas don’t increase prices. Jumping from $20 to $25 for a classic combo and $3 to $4 for additional items is outrageous!

Reasons for signing

  • Mr Turnbull said Illegal downloading is simply theft. How about 25 bucks for a tiny combo a robbery!!!!
  • Unacceptable price hike by very greedy and senseless people.
  • This is very true, I'll consider go to cinema more often if this happens


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