To: The Australian Parliament and the Australian Electoral Commission

Get rid of "How to Vote Cards" at elections.

Dear Members/Officers
The production and distribution of "How to Vote Cards" by parties/candidates at Australian elections is costly, wasteful and essentially unproductive. There seems to be no reason why information about candidates and their affiliations could not be placed in each electoral booth. Please pass the appropriate laws/lobby for change.

Why is this important?

The "How to Vote" card system is an archaic, costly, environmentally wasteful and generally unproductive. Having engaged in this farcical process, I am convinced that the benefits espoused by proponents are largely mythical and the procedure is simply a thinly-veiled attempt to engender the same gladiatorial dynamics at the grass-roots level as the parties attempt to create at the institutional level. There is no need for it as the information contained on the cards could just as easily be placed in each polling booth.

Reasons for signing

  • Unnecessary waste
  • Such a dreadful waste of paper.
  • It's a waste of paper - nobody really needs them. They influence people who don't know better, and they create a lot of unnecessary watse.