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To: Andrew Gregory, McDonalds Australia CEO

Get McDonalds to adopt an environmentally conscious policy on packaging

Get McDonalds to adopt an environmentally conscious policy on packaging

Dear Andrew,

You may be aware of the massive impact non recyclable packaging has on the global ecosytem. Australia plays a significant part in this and the sheer volume of your restaurant's production, using takeaway containers for eat in or take away, has a massive detrimental effect on the environment.

The truth is, most of your packaging goes to landfill.
A % of it is regularly seen washed up on beaches.

We need you to urgently create an environmental policy around your packaging that will:

1. reduce the amount of packaging
2. ensure the packaging is recyclable or compostable
3. introduce recycling systems into your restaurants for both customers and employees so that this recyclable packaging CAN BE sent to a recycling facility for recycling.
4. offer food handling training courses for your employees so that they can be informed and accept (or refuse) customers BYO containers, depending on their acceptability.

Why is this important?

Your CSR report is 6 years old and you have no available policy on packaging:

Here are some important links for you to see how the industry is evolving. We ask that you upskill your self, your staff and management so that you can become leaders in this field.

Food handling & packaging (byo containers ok?)

Environmentally friendly food packaging

Now, before you tell me that the packaging is important because it's a branding opportunity, let me remind you that you are one of the most globally recognised brands in the world. Please send out a survey and ask your customers (without leading the question) if they would like to see recycling bins in your stores. would also love to help you through the details of the transition to a more environmentally friendly packaging process.

On behalf of all these people who have signed this petition, and the millions of people in Australia who regularly consume this product, we urge you to look closely and be a leader for your company's future, and our planets'.


How it will be delivered

In person, preferably, but definitely via email as well.

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Reasons for signing

  • We only got ONE WORLD!
  • We need to stop the volume of unnecessary non-recyclable waste!!


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