To: Network Ten

Get Andrew Bolt off the air and give the job to this platypus!

Get Andrew Bolt off the air and give the job to this platypus!

We the undersigned call on Network Ten to terminate Andrew Bolt's contract and give this cute and engaging platypus his Sunday morning 10am time slot instead. <>

Why is this important?

We believe Bolt can't be trusted not to abuse his position of power and he has the court convictions to prove it. <>

As well as routinely targeting Indigenous people, Muslims and other groups for tabloid opinion fodder, he also presumes to know better than 97% of climate scientists on global warming. Why would we want to expose our kids or anyone to that kind of unscientific propaganda?

Rather than continue to give this destructive, unscientific and irresponsible lawbreaker air-time, we would much rather watch this platypus, who apart from being exceedingly cute, will probably be an excellent reminder about the importance of looking after waterways and the environment in general.

Lastly, while watching Andrew Bolt could easily lead to a rise in blood pressure, we feel this platypus will have the opposite effect.

Reasons for signing

  • Let the people have a say in getting this morally repugnant clown off the air.
  • science, community and peace on earth
  • This man is dangerous in regards to misinforming and dumbing down the populace


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