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To: The owner of Hazelwood mine, GDF SUEZ

GDF SUEZ pay your $18 million debt to the Country Fire Authority

GDF SUEZ  pay your $18 million debt to the Country Fire Authority

GDF Suez needs to pay their outstanding bill of $18 million to the Country Fire Authority, whose firefighting effort stopped the out-of-control fire at their brown coal mine last year.

The Hazelwood mine fire of 2014 was one of the worst environmental and public health disasters in Victoria’s history. And it was through the heroic efforts of the Country Fire Authority that the fire was brought under control.

CFA volunteers put their lives and bodies on the line to help the community and GDF Suez. Now it’s time for GDF Suez to do the honourable thing and cough up the $18m.

Over 7,000 firefighters, including volunteers from the County Fire Authority (CFA), put themselves in the middle of the disaster zone and worked tirelessly to control the dangerous inferno. Yet this rich multinational company is refusing to pay the CFA for their firefighting efforts.

The debt GDF Suez owes to the people of the Latrobe Valley is much greater, but paying their CFA bill is a good place to start. Please join me in calling on GDF Suez to pay their $18 million bill to the CFA for their heroic work.

Why is this important?

Multinational corporation GDF Suez relied on other people to fight the fire their negligence caused, yet are refusing to foot the bill.

Despite the Hazelwood Mine Fire Inquiry finding that an fire disaster at the mine was totally foreseeable, GDF Suez did not make any plans to deal with such an incident. In fact, before the fire occurred, GDF Suez actually removed firefighting water pipes from their mine - despite their important safety infrastructure in preventing an out of control fire. To this day GDF Suez has not paid any compensation to victims of the fire.

I find it outrageous that a multinational energy company would refuse to pay for the efforts of a volunteer-based organisation that did so much to help them in their time of need. GDF Suez needs to pay their $18m debt to the CFA immediately!

You may remember that last year, the Hazelwood open cut coal mine burned for 45 days, smothering the Latrobe Valley community in toxic smoke and ash, and causing devastating effects to people’s health.

The fire was one of the worst industrial disasters in Australian history – residents in Morwell were forced to abandon their homes for their family’s safety, and many people continue to suffer poor health since the fire. The cost of the fire has been estimated at over $100 million, and ongoing health studies into the long-term health impacts on residents that you helped get off the ground last year are expected to reveal some shocking results.

For years, GDF Suez has profited from mining and burning coal in the Latrobe Valley. The very least they could do is start to cover some the costs of the coal disaster that they should have seen coming and could have prevented.

You joined us to help set up the health studies into the Morwell mine fire. Now join us as we pressure the rich multinational company responsible for the Hazelwood mine to pay their dues to the CFA.

Reasons for signing

  • The $18 million is for costs incurred fighting the fire. It's not even to pay the many volunteer fire fighters.
  • Perhaps the government should confiscate any further proceeds from the mine to the value of $18 million and give that to the CFA.
  • The hide of them! Hit them with a late payment fee while you are at it! Corporate pigs.


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