To: Federal Treasurer Hon Scott Morrison, MP

Fund a National Basic Income Scheme

Dear Minister,

In light of the multi-layered, complicated and divisive welfare system in Australia isn't it time our country looked at introducing either a universal or targetted Basic Income scheme?

A Basic Income Scheme in essence, is "universal minimum income" or "guaranteed basic income"—where, instead of multiple income assistance programs, we have just one: a single payment to all citizens, regardless of background, gender, or race.

Why is this important?

We call on you to support this scheme, which would provide a minimum secure income to every Australian to meet at least basic needs.

A basic income would provide financial security we can count on, no matter what happens at work or in the economy.

It would put extra money in the pockets of every Australian family, which would stimulate our economy, boost small businesses, and strengthen our communities. Every Australian will have true financial freedom and an equal opportunity to succeed.

Australia can afford to provide a basic income for every family, and we call on you to support a basic income scheme.

Reasons for signing

  • I support all Basic Income campaigns because I also started one which necessitates doing literally hundreds of hours of research and organization, meaning I know the concept for all it's dimensions and it stands the test of respect, it will work and boost everyone in the process
  • Society needs to get back to basics and do away with high salaries ensuring equity within communities...respect..... empowerment...and best of humiliation
  • Like it or not, automation makes the future jobless.


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