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To: Vicki Ward MP for Eltham

Bike Lanes the full length of Main Road Eltham

Bike Lanes the full length of Main Road Eltham

Main road is used daily by commuting and recreational cyclists but currently has no cycling specific infrastructure. We are asking for a dedicated continuous bike lane along Main Road through the Eltham electorate, from Research to Lower Plenty. The lane should be unbroken, with lane markings continuing through all intersections and should include links along Fitzsimons Lane to Templestowe and Bridge Street and Sherbourne Road to Greensborough.

Why is this important?

Adding bike lanes to current cycling routes fulfills part of the Victorian Cycling Strategy aim of reducing stress on bicycle routes and assists in establishing better integrated cycling corridors, we ask that the member for Eltham implement cycle lanes along the length of Main Road. Including cycling infrastructure into the planned works at Fitzsimons Lane is the perfect opportunity to satisfy the cycling strategy aim of incorporating improved cycling infrastructure in all major transport projects.

How it will be delivered

The petition will be delivered to the Office of Vicki Ward at the end of March.

Reasons for signing

  • I ride down from the ambulance station to the bike track at Lower Plenty and the other way home. Scariest part of my ride to work is getting to a path.
  • Because a bike lane would be faster than the bike trail.
  • Cars too often don't respect bikes on the road, making it incredibly dangerous for cyclists who commute or ride for exercise, yet bikes on the shared walking/cycling paths become a hazard for people and dogs. We need better bike lanes to make cycling safer and encourage more people to get out and ride - to reduce congestion, increase awareness, and encourage people to engage in exercise/activity


2019-02-22 16:26:40 +1100

An amazing response so far, I have organised to meet with Vicki Ward on 14 March to discuss Bike lanes and present the petition to her. We will be highlighting the additional points raised in your reasons for signing as well.

2019-02-10 11:21:13 +1100

100 signatures reached

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50 signatures reached

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25 signatures reached

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