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To: Prime Minister Malcolm Turbull



Dear Prime Minister, I beseech the Commonwealth Government to initiate a National Job Guarantee with the Federal Government as the employer of last resort. Unemployment has continued to be the major cause of poverty in Australia. Instead of passively standing by and deriding and degrading those impacted the Commonwealth Government must act now to create the jobs required. These jobs need to be at minimum full time wage level with leave entitlements and superannuation. This must be an ongoing part of the economy and not a temporary measure. This will give workers the disposable income to spend into the economy stimulating further business stimulus and employment growth. The NJG will use the resources of local community NGO'S,Local Government and State Governments. All of these bodies are economically constrained so the Commonwealth Government will ask for tenders to operate the NJG and provide all operating costs. This is an Australia wide initiative bringing all levels of the community into action. These new jobs will focus on environmental and social outcomes while lifting people out of poverty and stimulating the private sector.

Why is this important?

Unemployment is the prime cause of poverty in Australia and the private economy cannot by itself provide the number of jobs required. It is not a personal problem, it is a national problem and that must be the focus. Under section 23 of the United Nations charter on human rights identify the right to work as a HUMAN RIGHT.It is the responsibility of the national government to ensure that sufficient employment is provided. If it does not come from the private sector then the public sector has to expand to allow this.

Reasons for signing

  • Employment is a human right and should not be denied.


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