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To: Kim Carstensen, Director General, FSC International

FSC, remove your green tick from karri forest clear-fells!

FSC, remove your green tick from karri forest clear-fells!

Remove the FSC green tick from Karri Forest.

Dear Mr Carstensen,

Please take the necessary steps to ensure that the FSC accreditation of karri forest logging in the south-west of Western Australia is repealed.
Karri forest logging is demonstrably unsustainable and irresponsible.

A number of unique and endangered wildlife species are losing homes, food supplies and nesting sites every day as the karri forests are logged.

Ancient forests that meet the FSC's definition of Type 2 Old Growth are being clear-felled which is a clear contravention of the FSC Controlled Wood standard.
Once clear-felled the karri forests never regain their ecological or cultural value. After the first clear-felling the area is replanted with only one species and is clear-felled again in 100 years time - long before the trees are able to reach maturity and develop nesting hollows for mammals and birds who rely on them for breeding.

Karri forests are an important part of the south-west Global Biodiversity Hotspot, characterised by a very high diversity of life and a very high degree of threat.
Karri forest logging does not meet the FSC standard. FSC needs to urgently remove its logo to avoid undermining consumer confidence in the brand.

CC: Mr Adam Beaumont, Chief Executive Officer, FSC Australia; Richard Robertson, Lead Assessor Forestry, Accreditation Services International

Why is this important?

Karri forest logging has been wrongly awarded a green tick by the Forest Stewardship Council.

This means that when we look for the green tick on our toilet paper or photocopy paper because we want to be responsible, we could be supporting the clear-felling of karri forests and giving money to an industry that is pushing Black Cockatoos and other wildlife closer to extinction.

The Western Australian Forest Products Commission, which is responsible for this logging, does not comply with the FSC standard and does not deserve this green tick. It is now able to access markets it has no place in, and we are being duped.

Reasons for signing

  • Because I care about the environment and wildlife.
  • It is outrageous that any tree over 120 years old (when they begin to develop hollows, as well as providing the most abundant nectar and seeds) should be allowed to be cut down, and they should certainly not be certified as green.
  • Trees do more for our environment than toilet rolls.


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