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To: The Hon. Daniel Andrews MP

Free Fiona Smith, #Right2Refuse protester & platypus advocate

Free Fiona Smith, #Right2Refuse protester & platypus advocate

To Daniel Andrews MP,
Fiona Smith, platypus advocate & #Right2Refuse protester is being arbitrarily detained & tortured at Royal Melbourne John Cade, forcibly for disgusting, vile, cruel human research of forced Risperdal Consta injections.
This trial is being conducted forcibly and is a clear violation of 8.2 of the Code of Responsible Research.
Fiona wanted to speak at a fully approved Canberra Rally about synthetic drugs that end up in the rivers, because they cannot be removed from waste water, killing river life such as platypus, a violation of 8.3 of the Code of Responsible Research.
Fiona was tapering Risperdal tablets responsibly with a GP, on 1 mg and feeling like she was getting her abilities back. She wanted to also speak at the rally about what she's suffered as a Victim of Psychiatrists (VOP), as well as what other VOP have suffered (some VOP of which have been killed by forced psychiatry, and there is a need to grieve and for the officials and public to acknowledge these people were killed by forced psychiatry.)
On Saturday 28th Mental Health Personnel dragged Fiona from her home, into the Psychiatric unit, for the alleged purposes of exploiting her for this research and silencing her petitions and protests, which include a co-written alternative report from VOP in Australia, to the UN CRPD committee.
Fiona Smith needs to be freed from arbitrary detention and these horrendous violations, and the violators prosecuted under 8.2 and 8.3 of the Federal Code for Responsible Research.

Why is this important?

Fiona Smith was to attend International Victims of Psychiatrists Day on 10th Oct 2pm - 5pm, at Canberra Parliament AAA. This is about a protester & human rights defender being silenced by the vile cruel exploitation legislation that is the MHA.

Risperdal Consta is causing Fiona Smith horrific pain and damage to her body, disfiguring, disabling and retarding of her abilities. Risperdal Consta is known to cause -
-changes in vision, including blurred vision
-difficulty concentrating
-difficulty speaking or swallowing
-inability to move the eyes
-increase in amount of urine
-loss of balance control
-mask-like face
-memory problems
-muscle spasms of the face, neck, and back
-problems with urination
-restlessness or need to keep moving (severe)
-shuffling walk
-skin rash or itching
-stiffness or weakness of the arms or legs
-tic-like or twitching movements
-trembling and shaking of the fingers and hands
-trouble sleeping
-twisting body movements

This is outrageously cruel drug to forcibly subject Fiona Smith to. Her skin was torn when they forcibly injected her in her arm, causing her to bleed, and as she said 'blood everywhere all over the bed where they held me down.'

Victorians must think of human rights and dignity, before the money made from human research. It is a disgusting thing for a State Government, and a Federal Government to profit from. Forced Human Experimentation, and the psychiatrists that torture people for profit, must be utterly condemned and immediately stopped.

For a state such as Victoria to train psychiatrists to torture little animals in their research, then move on to humans is disgusting. For these psychiatrists to take pleasure in the power they have to break people under torture, into servitude as research specimens, and be allowed to do that through State legislation, is so vile and evil.

That the State Legislators have given violating psychiatrists loopholes such as Emergency Treatment/ Research, and the Victorian Mental Health Act 2014, is not something that should be allowed. No State/ Territory in Australia, or any other place in the world, should be allowing psychiatrists to force their products, procedures, programs, beds and research on people. And the life of our rivers, as Fiona Smith has been advocating must also be considered. The river water would not be any where near as polluted as it is if there was no forced psychiatry.

Victoria and the rest of Australia must implement international agreements, such as the UN CRPD, stop violating Fiona Smith, the people she's being protesting for, and the river life she's also been advocating for.

Forced psychiatry should be considered a servitude offense, and the Code violations, for the human research people have been forcibly subjected be recognised and subjected to the full force of the law.

Reasons for signing

  • Status confirmed: I have: read, approved of, supported, signed, and shared this cause, campaign, daily action, and petition. These actions were taken upon Tuesday, the 31st of December 2019. This information has been typed for record(s) maintenance purpose(s). O:-|
  • Heads must roll after what has been done to this most intelligent, articulate and beautiful soul, Fiona Smith. The system must change - NOW!


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2019-10-14 14:26:39 +1100

Fiona Smith's Tribunal hearing is on Wednesday 16th Oct, suggesting a lawful protest outside Royal Melbourne John Cade for demanding Fiona Smith's release from arbitrary detention and forced psychiatric drugging.

2019-10-14 13:43:43 +1100

Registrar #ABTiggy forcibly administered harmful Risperdal Consta depot today 14/10/19. Fiona said it was assault, to Tiggy, but she didn’t resist physically, as she didn't want her arm ripped up & the needle broken inside her.

2019-10-12 15:40:59 +1100

#Oct10th #VOPday2019 Fiona Smith was meant to be in #Canberra with us, protesting at parliament, demanding the #Right2Refuse psychiatrists' drugs, procedures, programs & their bloody beds. #FreeFionaSmith stop Royal Melb John Cade from #ForcedPsychiatry

2019-10-12 15:40:41 +1100

Fiona has to stop forced injection of Rispirdal Consta, scheduled this Monday. She's having severe allergic reactions, and they could kill her! So, painful, so debilitating, so unfair, and life destroying this psychiatrists at Royal Melbourne John Cade are.

2019-10-10 02:51:33 +1100

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2019-10-04 21:12:49 +1000

Fiona Smith should have the right to refuse psychiatrists' products, procedures, programs & their bloody beds!
Here she talks about petrochemical in psychdrugs, in our waterways, how they harm us, our environment and river life such as platypus.
Please sign petition to free Fiona Smith, so she won't continue to be violated and silenced.