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To: Sussan Ley, Federal Health Minister

Restrict politicians access to private hospitals.

Dear Minister Ley,

Our public hospitals are operated by hard-working doctors and nurses, who are given impossibly high numbers of patients to care for. Although most, if not all hospitals are considered "fully staffed", the employees will tell you they are forced to take on an unmanageable workloads, and often find themselves doing the work of two people. These workloads are unsafe to the public, and are detrimental to the health and well-being of the healthcare workers we depend on.

As politicians receive their income from the taxes of the public, it seems unfair that publicly paid individuals can use their income to access more exclusive healthcare, and essentially jump any waiting lists for medical issues, by simply paying their way to the top of the waiting list via a private hospital system. The most well off in society seldom have to sit down with their child or their parent, and see the chaotic horrors of public hospital waiting rooms. The immense stress facing a nurse on the 10th hour of their shift. The constant flow of patients requiring the attention of a young doctor having to meet a quota or risk losing their job.

To view the issues facing our public hospitals and their healthcare staff first hand, and become more knowledgeable of the impact of their political decisions on the Australian public, and to experience what the system actually provides to those less fortunate, I would like to see all members of federal and state governments, and their immediate family members, have completely restricted access to private hospitals for the duration of their political career, and for as long as they receive superannuation from their time in politics.

Why is this important?

By limiting politicians access to private hospitals, the public hospital system will receive more attention from all parties within government. Furthermore, it will ensure the only people entering politics are those interested in keeping our public hospitals and the staff within them fully equipped for the future.


2016-08-12 18:32:52 +1000

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