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To: NSW Roads & Maritime Services, Roads Minister Duncan Gay

Fix traffic flow at the Australia Ave / DFO roundabout

Fix traffic flow at the Australia Ave / DFO roundabout

Find a solution to the traffic nightmare that unfolds through this roundabout on a regular basis. There is just too much traffic for this to remain a roundabout - a better solution is required NOW!

Why is this important?

This roundabout is a critical access route for people coming into Sydney Olympic Park, Wentworth Point and Newington.

The roundabout is just unable to cope with the following activities:
1. Weekday end-of-day traffic when the access to the roundabout from Australia Avenue, Homebush Bay Drive and Underwood Road often backs up. It can take up to 20 minutes to get into the roundabout (and more on a really bad day). This has become worse with the increased number of people who are working in SOP and traffic banks back along Australia Avenue.

2. Weekend traffic when DFO shoppers clog up the roundabout. These people are typically coming into the roundabout from the south, via Centenary Drive. They enter the roundabout and totally block access for those attempting to get into it from Homebush Bay Drive and Underwood Rd. Some residents have reported that it has taken an hour to get home from Rhodes due to this traffic.

3. Event-related traffic at SOP. This has problems similar to the weekday end-of-day traffic.

Also note that public transport routes 525, 526, 450 and 533 go through the roundabout. The significant delays due to traffic defers people from using public transport, and this in turn puts more cars on the road.

The situation is getting worse. Contrary to expectations, the redevelopment at DFO (which included parking changes) has not improved things.

Currently, we have around 2100 units at Wentworth Point, with under 5000 residents. Over coming years, these numbers will increase four-fold. NSW Government and Council have approved significant increases in the number of dwellings in Wentworth Point (and SOP).

New residential buildings at Sydney Olympic Park are currently under construction, as are new commercial buildings. This will bring thousands more regular commuters into Sydney Olympic Park, many of whom will be using this intersection.

The current infrastructure, and particularly this roundabout, are at breaking point, and we urgently need a solution NOW! Any further development at Wentworth Point and Sydney Olympic Park is compromised until this situation is resolved.

Reasons for signing

  • I drive through that roundabout almost everyday and it's always a challenge
  • I have to factor in an hour more just to get groceries at rhodes because of dfo
  • Awful traffic which is not fair for local residents who get caught up in DFO mess!


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