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To: Geelong Mayor, Councillors

Fix the chicanes on the Bellarine Rail Trail

This campaign has ended.

Fix the chicanes on the Bellarine Rail Trail

Dear Geelong Mayor and Councillors,

Please fix the unsafe chicanes on the Bellarine Rail Trail between Geelong and Drysdale - bring them up to Ausroads standards.

Why is this important?

The narrow chicanes on the Bellarine Rail Trail are the blight on a potentially great trail.

The chicanes:

- pose safety and access issues to all riders. inexperienced riders are particularly likely to collide with the heavy wooden chicanes.
- reduces use by Tandems, bikes with trailers, loaded touring bikes, cargo bikes/trikes which typically cannot be ridden through the chicanes
- don't stop dirt bikes (they can access the trail in other places and negotiate the existing chicanes)
- provides a uncomfortable experience for tourists - who are less likely to return to the Bellarine Peninsula's fine wineries, beaches and landscapes.

Renovating the chicanes will improve access to the trail, get more people riding, walking, running, skating. It will be safer for cyclists, leading to more locals and tourists enjoying the Bellarine Rail Trail. It's a great asset that needs to reach its potential.

How it will be delivered

We'll submit this petition to the Councillors at a meeting.

Reasons for signing

  • The chicanes are hard to ride through safely.
  • Chicanes are ok IF all types of bikes including trailers etc. can access them safely. Meaning the BRT ones are far too tight.
  • These chicanes pose a deterrent and potential hazard to riders, especially tandems, the less experienced and those with trailers and loads.


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